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A New Axial Age For The Jewish People

In writing history, the term Axial Age refers to revolutionary and radical changes in civilizations, nations, faiths, economies, societies, scientific discoveries (E=mc2), and the birth and death of peoples. 1945 was the prototypical Axial Age that separated the old order of Europe from the new order of the United States and the Soviet Union as the two world powers; the eventual dissolution of European colonialism; and the creation of a new middle Class in America due to the GI Bill. The Jewish world patterned its Axial Age in 1945 with the Holocaust (the 6,000,000 murdered resulting in the loss of two thirds of European Jewry); the realization that Europe would never again be in the forefront of Judaism because of its destroyed institutions– Yeshivas, Synagogues, the Yiddish Language and culture; that during the War for the first time in history there was the likelihood of the complete destruction of the Jewish People; that the world not only didn’t care (H.R. Trevor Roper’s history of World War II devotes only one paragraph to the Holocaust), but there was resentment and heightened antisemitism to the survivors in Europe (Poland Kielce pogrom, 1946) and the Soviet Union (Life and Fate by Vasily Grossman, Stalin’s murder of Yiddish Intellectuals, 1949; the Doctors Plot, 1953)(i) In 1948 another Axial Age occurred with the establishment of the State of Israel. This event 51 years after Theodor Herzl’s revolutionary pamphlet The Jewish State (Der Judenstaat) had monumental reverberations in the Jewish and non-Jewish world.
From then on Zionism became the pillar of the Jewish world and Israel, but was looked at ambivalently by the Christian world. The fact that there was an Israel was an affront to the Soviet Union and its Socialist partners and followers. In the case of Christianity it was far more complicated. The Vatican under Pope Pius XII,(ii) who was silent during the Holocaust, refused to recognize Israel. Some Protestant denominations were more open-minded but still were reticent to eliminate their Replacement Theology or Covenantal Theology (The doctrine that the Jews after Jesus are out of history and have no place in Israel). Later this would change. Israel through no fault of its own except its will to survive was always in the news, whether fighting terrorists and armies from Egypt, The PLO, and most recently Hamas and Hezbollah. The miraculous victory of the Six Day War, the unbelievable rescue of Israelis at Entebbe (while the French government, the plane being an Air France jet, cowardly and callously deserted the Jewish passengers to their supposed fate of either death or being held for ransom by “German” revolutionary terrorists) stood in the face
of the UN’s heinous denunciation of Israel with Yasser Arafat carrying a loaded gun as they voted to censure Israel and the entire Jewish people with its resolution of November 1975, “Zionism Is Racism.” And of course most recently the world and the United States under the previous administration(iii) rewarding Iran with money in cash, tacit support in billions of dollars of credits and trade, intentionally ignoring Iran’s support of terrorism, as well as its promise to destroy Israel with missiles tipped with nuclear weapons. This hatred and concomitant unwillingness of the world to confront the death threat to the Jewish people is upsetting but is the stark reality of our time. Israel and the Jewish People can’t hide from the world, from history, from destiny. Herzl’s dream of Zionism normalizing the Jewish People was an illusion. An Eternal People can never be normal. Today the Jews are in a new Axial Age confronting five revolutionary changes. 1) They (The Jews) for the first time in 2,000 years have in Israel the largest Jewish population in the world. 2) Within a decade, if projections are accurate, the majority of world Jewry will again live in Israel. 3) For the first time in history the greatest support for the Jewish People, for Israel, for the Jewish future, for Judaism itself, is from Christians.(iv)There are hundreds of thousands of people, possibly millions,(v) who identify themselves as part of the Lost Tribes (B’nai Menashe, Scythians, Scots-Irish, Africans, Chinese, Native American, even Pashtun) who claim Jewish ancestry (Beit Anusim), who have Jewish DNA markers (Cohanim, Levites and others); religious beliefs–The Mormons; people who have an affinity for Judaism and a theology that they are descended from the Tribe of Ephraim. (Lost Souls who are looking to come home) This is truly remarkable considering the Jewish ambivalence of identity 70 years ago where many Jews tried to and succeeded in passing as Gentiles. 4) The Jews and the Judaism of the Diaspora are in crisis. Identity, love of Israel, love of Judaism, love of the Jewish People are being replaced by an ambivalent or even negative attitude. Assimilation (estimates of 75% of Non Orthodox Jews intermarry), Jewish reproduction— the lowest of any ethnic group is hollowing out the core of the Jewish community in the United States. Synagogues and JCC’s and other Jewish institutions are closing or merging as a sign of this breakdown. The Conservative Movement has lost one third of all its congregations nationwide, and Reform Judaism, after years of compromise (Patrilineal Descent, Rabbis officiating at mixed marriages, Rabbis marrying Gentiles, LGBT Rabbis, substituting political concerns for Jewish concerns), is facing decline and the similar fate of Conservative Judaism. 5) Along with the meteoric rise in Antisemitism worldwide and in Academia, especially the Antisemitism of the Left and its new strategy of “Human Rights” and Intersectionality (where Leftist Groups— Black Lives Matter, Code Pink, Antifa, Green Party, Occupy Wall Street, Oxfam, Amnesty International, most Academic Associations and activists in the American Library Association and many more gather together and cooperate in their attacks on Israel, Zionism and oftentimes Judaism (recently a Gay Rights Parade in Chicago wouldn’t let a Jewish group march), there has been a political component. At the Democratic Convention in 2016 (Jews have long been identified with the Democratic Party and regularly vote 80% or more Democratic, and also make up a significant percentage in their contributions to the Party), Israeli flags were burned, and many delegates voiced their support of the Palestinians, BDS (Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions), and even the elimination of the Jewish State (Cornel West). In this cauldron of Jew hatred there has now arisen a Jewish self-hatred not seen since before WWII. Jews (George Soros, Hollywood types, Jews in the media) have financed J Street (which curiously arose with the Obama Administration and supported all its policies against Israel including the recent UN criminalization of Jews living in Jerusalem), Jewish Voice For Peace (a well financed hate group calling for the dissolution of Israel and support for BDS),(vi) and many other ad hoc groups. There has also been an insidious takeover of traditionally Jewish groups. HIAS (Hebrew Immigrant Aid Society), now headed by a BDS supporter, Jennie Rosenn, calling for mass Muslim immigration to the United States, as well as the compromising of the ADL, which refrains from attacking Antisemitism of the Left but concentrates instead on the declining Antisemitism of Neo Nazis, as well as promoting Holocaust observances in Europe; National Council of Jewish Women, that feels that the greatest Jewish issue is abortion on demand; Workmens Circle and its embracing Leftist causes over support for Israel, and others. Many years ago in a book by Xaviera Hollander, The Happy Hooker, her autobiography as a Manhattan Madam, she spoke about her clients and their predilections and desires. Being Jewish, it pained her to describe her Jewish clients (not Israelis) as the most pathologically sick group she serviced. This descent into Jewish self-hatred mirrors her description as being a pathology of the soul. Sadly there are rabbis, professors of Jewish Studies, Jewish entertainers, and Jewish leaders who have succumbed to this terrible affliction.

These five axial changes are both challenges and opportunities. We cannot afford to ignore what is happening to Jews, Judaism and Israel. Most Left Wing/feelgood causes today (The Environment, LGBT, DACA, Code Pink, Black Lives Matter, Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International, OXFAM, Doctors Without Borders etc.) practice Intersectionality, which by definition is antisemitic and anti-Zionist. It may make us feel good, but we are doing evil by supporting them. We must embrace and repeatedly thank Christian groups that not only support Israel but also the tenets of Judaism itself (CUFI-Christians United For Israel). As an aside, ADL is not in the forefront of fighting BDS on college campuses, but CUFI On Campus is.(vii) We must identify every self-hating Jew and prevent him or her from gaining a foothold in the Jewish community. They are no different from the sick clients of Xaviera Hollander: incurable and perverse. Canary Mission and CAMERA are organizations that identify antisemitic, anti-Israel individuals and groups.(viii) We must invite and welcome these people and groups (United Israel World Union and others) who fervently want to be part of the Jewish People. In a list of the ten most important issues for the Jews, Israel must be in the first five. Our survival as a people depends on this. Judaism is our rock and we must embrace it again in all its forms. We must understand that the family, the Jewish family, is an important goal and the way for our survival. Last, the Jews are an eternal people and have watched civilizations come and go in their 4,000-year history, from the world’s oldest civilization in the Fertile Crescent (Babylon, Sumer, Akkadia, Medea, Chaldea), to the present in the United States. Possibly it is now time finally for the Jews to be truly a “Light Unto The Nations.” This does not mean joining some feelgood group (UNICEF, OXFAM, and politically correct charities), but finding in our Bible the answers to the World’s strivings— Peace, the elimination of terrible diseases, helping the poor, and creating another Garden of Eden for everyone.

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To Realize A Dream 28 Minutes $24.95 A History of Zionism
Let My People Go 54 Minutes $24.95 The epic story of the Jewish People and their miraculous return to Israel.
Israel The Promise Of The Jewish People 58 Minutes $24.95
An inspiring look at the Jewish People and their destiny in Israel.

Herzl 54 minutes $24.95 The story of the founder of the Zionist movement.
Six Days In June 15 Minutes $24.95 Israel’s miraculous victory in 1967.
J Street Challenge 64 Minutes $24.95 The creation of an Anti-Israel “Jewish” organization financed by a self hating Jew.
To Torah And Testimony 63 Minutes $24.95 The witnessing of God’s presence by the Jewish People at Sinai is a unique event in history. This serves as the bedrock foundation to inspire and comfort the true man of faith in the existence of God.
Restoring Abrahamic Faith (Audio) 112 Minutes $24.95
The bedrock faith of Abraham is expressed in four fundamental precepts: Uncompromisingly monotheistic – The Shema is mentioned in Deuteronomy and Jeremiah; The Torah is its source and Law; It is covenantal –The Jewish People will always be the “Chosen People;” It is radically Messianic; the promise of Isaiah, Ezekiel and other Prophets are not empty promises, but will be fulfilled.

100 Years of the Balfour Declaration

It has been said that Zionism and the Zionist movement started with Theodor Herzl’s The Jewish State— Der Judenstaat of 1896, and later the First Zionist Congress in Basel in 1897, but became a reality with the publishing of The Balfour Declaration of November 2, 1917. Inspired by the genius of Chaim Weizmann, who as well as being one of the greatest scientists of the 20th century was also the leader of the Zionist movement after the death of Theodor Herzl, and a close friend of Winston Churchill. His process for producing acetone from grain saved Britain from an acute shortage of shells – the so-called “shell crisis” of 1915, which reduced British guns to firing just four times a day. Through this important contribution to the War effort and his close friendship with leading members of Parliament, on July 17, 1917 Winston Churchill assumed the post of Minister of Munitions and encouraged the Foreign Minister Arthur Balfour to write a public declaration supporting a Jewish State in Palestine. This was a remarkable document considering that at the time as now, the Foreign Ministry was controlled by Arabists who took a negative view towards Jews and Zionism. This document set in motion the eventual Palestine Mandate of 1919 under Britain, and later the UN Declaration of November 29, 1947 for the establishment of a Jewish State in Palestine. On May 14, 1948, with the official recognition of The United States and shortly thereafter The Soviet Union, The State of Israel was declared. Unfortunately, Britain not only failed to fulfill its obligations during the Mandate, it actively did everything possible to prevent a Jewish state from ever being established. At first it limited Jewish immigration, while at the same time it encouraged Arab immigration (150,000 to 200,000 with no quotas), finally stopping all Jewish immigration to Palestine with the British White Paper of March 1939 thus insuring the deaths of millions of Jews trapped in Europe. In spite of the carnage of the Holocaust and 6,000,000 murdered Jews Britain was relentless (A Labour Government had replaced Winston Churchill in 1945 with a mediocrity— Clement Atlee and an antisemitic Foreign Minister Ernest Bevin in the years 1946-47, with over 100,000 British soldiers against 600,000 Jews. With the bombing of the King David Hotel on July 22, 1946, where many high-ranking British soldiers were killed, Britain lost much of its resolve but showed only contempt and hatred for the Jews. Up until Israel declared its independence, Britain continued its policy of arming Arabs, disarming Jews, lobbying the State Department to prevent a Jewish State, preventing Jewish immigration (400,000 Jews remained in DP Camps and Internment Camps), creating a worldwide embargo on arms to the Jews and preventing Jews from North Africa and the Middle East from coming to Palestine in spite of pogroms and their plight. Their celebrated General Montgomery stated that the Jews couldn’t fight and would last at most four months after independence. Obviously Montgomery was wrong. In fact, after Israel was declared independent, Britain began its long slide from being a world power (one of the three victors of WWII), to a second-rate country still petulant about the birth of Israel and The Balfour Declaration. Britain should have heeded Jeremiah 30:3 and its promise of the complete restoration of Israel.

The inner strength of the Jewish People as exemplified in the heroic words of Joseph Trumpeldor the martyr of Tel Hai still echo today –

“We need men and women who are ready for everything, everything that the land of Israel will demand. A generation that will have no private interests or habits, but be like a simple iron bar, which can be shaped to anything that is needed for the national machine.
“Is the wheel missing? I am that wheel.
‘”Do we lack a nail, a screw, a flywheel? Take me.
“Must we dig? I am the spade. We need a soldier? I am that soldier. Policeman, doctor, lawyer, fireman? Take me. I will do everything. I have no faith, no philosophy, no feelings; I don’t even have a name. I am the pure ideal of service, prepared for anything. I am bound by no limits. I know only one command: to build.”
“But,” I (Jabotinsky) said to Trumpeldor, “there are no people like this.”
“There shall be, “said he.”

These are the Jews who made Israel and continue to make Israel today.

Recommended Films
The Forsaken Promise 117 Minutes $39.95
The Balfour Declaration of 1917 brought to fruition the hope of millions of Jews as well as many leading Evangelical Christians. Their support, both politically and popularly, for a Jewish homeland in Palestine came from the leading power of Europe, Great Britain. This promise that hopefully fulfilled Theodor Herzl’s worldwide movement of Zionism would be broken by Britain piece by piece until its final betrayal – The White Paper of 1939 – that effectively ended all Jewish immigration to Palestine when the Jews of Europe were searching for refuge from the Nazis and the eventual Holocaust.

Palestine For Victory 45 Minutes $24.95
How the Jewish Brigade during WWII set the stage for the Bricha (the rescue of the Jewish Survivors after the War) and helped Great Britain in its struggle against Nazi Germany. Out of a population of 600,000 Jews, Palestine provided the British with 30,000 soldiers who fought valiantly against Nazi Germany.
Herzl 45 Minutes $24.95
The story of Theodor Herzl and how he founded the Zionist Movement


For the Jewish People’s past and present, the smile, the wink, the Yiddishism, the symbol (but never the deed), has often given Jews the warm feeling of not being alone, a feeling of being loved or at least liked by Christians/Gentiles. It has engendered high expectations in political leaders (FDR, JFK, LBJ and most recently in Barack Obama with his pre-election visit to the Western Wall in 2008 as proof of this fidelity. Books and articles and even museums (American Jewish Museum, Holocaust Museum) have been written and exhibits presented extolling this Jewish connection. However, the reality has usually been the opposite — whether it was FDR doing nothing for the trapped Jews of Europe before and during the Holocaust and later disavowing US support for a Jewish State, JFK refusing to meet officially with David Ben-Gurion the Prime Minister of Israel, LBJ warning Israel not to have a pre-emptive attack on Egypt in 1967 (this was at a time when 7 Arab armies were massed on Israel’s borders with 500,000 troops, 2,000 planes, the active support in arms, material and troops from the Soviet Union(ix) and the width of Israel at its most vulnerable was 9 miles, and disavowing the Memorandum of 1957 signed by President Eisenhower guaranteeing US support to Israel(x) in the event of an attack or blockade, or most recently the Obama administration’s support of the UN’s criminalization of Jews living in Jerusalem. Hollywood’s greatest screenwriter and later the greatest propagandist for the establishment of a Jewish State, Ben Hecht, said in 1947 “The Jews have always had friends in court- but they have never won a verdict. They have been always a noise without power, a talent without roots.” There has also been a false amity between Jews and Christians (National Conference of Christians and Jews, Chapel of the Four Chaplains, etc.) as well as individual contacts between Jewish communal leaders and Christian groups (Catholic Church, Mainstream Protestant Denominations and Seminaries). However, in time of need especially the need of physical survival, they have always deserted the Jews. (The Holocaust, Six Day War, Yom Kippur War, Arab Terrorism and most recently BDS). But today the Jews are truly not alone for the first time in 2,000 years. In February 2006 under the leadership of Pastor John Hagee of the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio, Texas he founded with 400 initial members, Christians United For Israel (CUFI) whose only objective was support of Israel and combatting Antisemitism. This organization came out of Cornerstone Church and Pastor Hagee’s close relationship with Rabbi Aryeh Scheinberg, Rabbi of Congregation Rodfei Sholom in San Antonio, Texas, an Orthodox Synagogue, with its annual Salute to Israel Night bringing Cornerstone Church’s congregants into the Synagogue to celebrate Israel. Today Christians United For Israel (CUFI) is the largest pro-Israel, pro-Jewish organization in the world with 3.5 million members, with branches in Great Britain and with a permanent representative on Capital Hill. It has been recognized by The State of Israel by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as one of the most effective voices for Israel in the United States, and has received the highest compliments from Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Director of the Conference of American Jewish Organizations, the umbrella group for all Jewish organizations (except J Street, Jewish Voice For Peace and other Jewish ad hoc self-hating groups in the United States) as the group that is the most pro-Jewish and pro-Israel. At the Washington Summit 2017 Pastor Hagee proclaimed Christian watchmen are warriors against Antisemitism. What is our aim? Victory! Everyone in this room is fighting against Antisemitism, BDS and the UN (after the criminalization of Jews living in Jerusalem). The UN is a political brothel. We are grateful to our ambassador Nikki Haley. God will not hold us guiltless if we don’t speak out against Antisemitism. Israel is not occupied territory. 1917 Balfour Declaration, 1967 Six Day War, 2017 Jerusalem Jubilee. Jerusalem is God’s address. Christianity cannot explain its existence without Judaism. Jerusalem belongs to the Jewish People. CUFI is now active on 200 college campuses as CUFI on Campus, fighting together with Stand With Us and Hillel against BDS and Antisemitism. CUFI also has been active in fighting against the “Fake” history narrative now being taught in our schools, international groups, academia, broadcasted in our mainstream media; and of course the internet about “Palestinian” authenticism as being the original inhabitants. The ancient Philistines (Palestine) were a Minoan culture (Greek not Arab), spoke a proto-Greek language and were extinct by 800 BCE. Palestine was the name given by Emperor Hadrian in 135 CE to help extinguish Jewish nationalism. The Arab occupation of Israel is recent and in their sojourn of 1,500 years they have only established one town. (Ramle, in the shadow of Ben Gurion Airport). Today because of CUFI working together with AIPAC and other pro-Israel organizations, Texas, Arkansas, Nevada are included in the 22 states that punish firms that honor BDS. Sadly with all this great and heartfelt love and support of CUFI, only Orthodox Jewish Congregations have invited them into their Synagogues. This must change. For once we have Christians who truly love us, as a people, as a religion and as a nation. This is a very special time in Jewish history. We must welcome CUFI into our Synagogues, our schools and our hearts. We are indeed blessed.

Recommended Films

Apples Of Gold 80 Minutes $24.95
From the early Zionist pioneers to the present, this film recounts the triumphs and travails of the Jewish people’s return to Israel and the rebuilding of the land.
Explorers Of The Holy Land In The 19th Century 27 Minutes $24.95
The location of over 1,000 biblical sites in Israel (19th century Palestine) paved the way for the field of Biblical Archaeology and the knowledge of the Jewish patrimony of Israel.


The roots of Antisemitism go back 2,000 years, but one of the foundational moments was recorded in Hyam Maccoby’s masterpiece The Disputation. In his now classic Judaism on Trial, Hyam Maccoby translated the original documents of the Barcelona Disputation of 1263. In The Disputation he gives a dramatic reconstruction of the debate. Moses Ben Nachman (Nachmanides), one of Judaism’s greatest thinkers speaks for Judaism and Pablo Christiani, a converted Jew, is the Christian speaker. During the Middle Ages (in the highest point of the spiritual and temporal influence of the Catholic Church), the plight of Jews was often a dire choice between conversion or death, or conversion or exile. While there were times of relative peace and tolerance, these were usually short lived. In the case of the Catholic clergy and Catholic orders, the Dominican Order (xi) in particular was relentless in its campaign against Jews and Judaism. One of the preferred methods of converting Jews was the forced sermons of the Christian clergy in the Synagogue, with dire consequences to the Jews who didn’t see the “truth” of Christianity,(xii) or a Disputation between a member of the clergy and a rabbi without the freedom to question the verities of Christianity. In 1263 , Raymond de Penyafort, the confessor to King James I of Aragon (Spain) and head of the Dominican Order in Spain convinced the King to hold a Disputation with Pablo Christiani, a Jewish convert representing Christianity, and Moses Ben Nachman (Nachmanides)(xi) representing Judaism. Relying upon the fear of criticizing Christianity and the Christian clergy, Christiani assured the King that he could prove the truth of Christianity xii from the Talmud (The Jewish Oral Law), Nachmanides agreed to the debate but stipulated that complete freedom of speech be granted. The Disputation involved three questions: (1} Whether the Messiah had appeared or not. (2) Whether the Messiah is divine or a human being (3) Whether the Jews or the Christians hold the true faith. The Disputation, while overwhelmingly won by Nachmanides (he received 300 gold coins from the King), caused his exile as well as further difficulties for the Jews of Barcelona. Even so, the Dominicans claimed victory. Nachmanides felt compelled to rebut this falsehood by publishing his reply. From Nachmanides’ publication Christiani selectedly chose only certain passages (making it out of context),which he said constituted blasphemies against Christianity and The Church. The Dominicans under their head Raymond de Penyfort asked for the sentence of death by burning at the stake (xiii) against Nachmanides who fortunately was able to leave Spain for Jerusalem, where he subsequently founded a Synagogue and Yeshiva.

Recommended Films
The Disputation 63 Minutes $39.95. Christopher Lee stars in the reenactment of the famous Disputation of 1263.
Shadow On The Cross 52 Minutes $59.95. The late Franklin Littell, distinguished pastor, educator and head of the Anne Frank House of Philadelphia introduces and guides the viewer into the oft forgotten fact that the antisemitism that led to the Holocaust was born and bred in Christendom and was directly a result of Christianity. According to Franklin Littell, “Antisemitism is a fatal flaw in Christianity’s attempt to serve God.”

(i) January 1948 Solomon Mikhoels, artistic head of the Moscow Yiddish Theatre is assassinated by the NKVD in Minsk on Stalin’s orders.
November 1948 members of The Jewish Anti-Fascist Committee are arrested and executed by the NKVD.
August 12-13, 1952 Night of Murdered Poets – 13 of the prominent Yiddish poets and writers are executed by the NKVD.
The Black Book of Russian Jewry Ilya Ehrenburg and Vasily Grossman 1945 Transaction Books 2002.
Life and Fate Vasily Grossman Harvill 1985 NYRB 2006.
Stalin’s War Against The Jews Louis Rapoport Free Press 1990.
(ii) Pope Pius XII excoriated the Nuremberg tribunal for its sentencing of Nazi War Criminals to death.
The Vatican also provided Nazi War Criminals with the Ratline (Vatican Passports) to South America to escape prosecution from the allies (this is how Adolf Eichmann landed up in Argentina).
(iii) The Obama Deal with Iran included $1.7 billion to Iran in cash in non-US currency (Euros, Swiss Francs, English Pounds) delivered on pallets January 17, 2017 – Associated Press September 7, 2016.
(iv) Christians United For Israel (CUFI) is the largest pro-Israel organization in the world with 3.5 million members.
Ironically most of the congressional support for Israel and against BDS is from states with few Jews and many Evangelical Christians
(v) Cherokee DNA –Qualla Reservation, Western North Carolina.
John Hulley – Hebrew Nations
Taborblog – Dr. James D. Tabor
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Shavei Israel – Michael Freund
(vi) J Street Challenge – Avi Goldwasser 2015
(vii) CUFI on Campus is on over 200 campuses working with STAND WITH US and HILLEL in combatting BDS and attacks on Jews.
(viii) THE CANARY MISSION database ( was created to document the people and groups that are promoting hatred of the United States, Israel and Jews on college campuses in North America.
CAMERA ( reviews and identifies anti-Israel, antisemitic media in the press, tv and the internet. It also provides outreach to students and faculty in colleges and universities in North America in fighting BDS and antisemitism.
(ix) Foxbats Over Dimona Isabella Ginor and Gideon Remez Yale University Press 2008.
(x) Letter from President Eisenhower to David Ben-Gurion February 28, 1957.
(xi) In 1236 The Dominican Order along with Franciscan Order participated in the mass burning of the Talmud in Paris.
(xiii) Usanef Tokef – a prayer still chanted in Synagogues on Yom Kippur about the forced conversions in the Middle Ages and the martyrdom of Rabbi Amnon of Mayence.
Burning at the stake was the preferred method of execution for blasphemies and heresy against the Church.


ALDEN FILMS September/October 2016 BLOG

This past summer has been eventful for Israel, for the Jewish People   and for ALDEN FILMS. On June 18-19 CUFI (Christians United For Israel) held their annual Washington Summit. This year the gathering, while having fewer attendees and speakers due to the Democratic and Republican conventions, compensated by the eloquence of its speakers and the passion of its members. The founder of CUFI, the Reverend John Hagee, spoke about his founding of Christians United For Israel in 2006, with an initial membership of 400. CUFI was founded because of his premonition that the US government would not be as friendly toward Israel in the future as it was at that time. Clearly his fear has proven to be correct.

Reverend Hagee spoke about physical threats made to him and his family after the founding of CUFI, which included shotgun blasts at his home as well as a constant barrage of threatening antisemitic phone calls and letters. In spite of this, Reverend Hagee has continued his leadership of CUFI, taking it to its current state as the largest pro-Israel organization in the world, with a membership of more than 3 million. In his talk Reverend Hagee declared that the credo of CUFI is fourfold: Israel’s Enemies are our Enemies; Antisemitism is Evil; Replacement Theology (1) is Antisemitism, and last, that this time The Church will not be Silent (2).

The most eloquent speaker was Colonel Richard Kemp, British Army retired and former head of British forces in Afghanistan. Colonel Kemp evoked the three words that are ever present in the US and European dialogue with Islam: Tolerance, Peace and Goodwill, stating provocatively that “There is too much Tolerance, Peace and Goodwill to Islam. Tolerance is literally killing us.”

French Premier Manuel Valles said that France should learn to live with terror. France’s policy of appeasement has not worked. The agreement with Iran has emboldened Iran’s policy of terrorism (Hezbollah) and the building of a nuclear bomb. We’ve been paralyzed by the fear of enraging Muslims. 1268 Islamic terror attacks have been launched in the past year, 2015. This is the price of appeasement. In the 40’s and 50’s, former German/NAZI SS officers trained Arab terrorists, later supplanted by the Soviet Union and Left Wing groups in Germany, Latin America and Asia. The West ignored this because the Jews (i.e., Israel) were the targets. Today, however, the West itself is the target, with massacres in New York, San Bernardino, Orlando, London, Madrid, Nice, Paris, Brussels; the mass rapes by Muslims in Germany, Britain, and Scandinavia, and the thousands of unreported attacks by Muslims worldwide.

The Western media is complicit with Hamas and Hezbollah in demonizing Israel. The effect of criticizing Israel spurs Hamas to make even more attacks. The European Union has blamed the violence in Europe on Israel. The BBC is frightened to name Radical Islam as the cause of terror. Clearly, if you cannot name the enemy, you cannot defeat it. ISIS has inspired Muslims worldwide but it never attacks any Iranian entity.

Colonel Kemp’s sobering comments were followed by Israel’s Ambassador Danny Danon, who spoke about Israel as being the only country in the Middle East where people live without fear to worship their religion. Ambassador Danon accused the UN of giving legitimacy to the demonizing of Israel. According to the UN, Israel is the source of all the violence in the Middle East. There are 22 resolutions against Israel, versus one resolution against North Korea, Syria and Iran. The UN has even blamed Israel for domestic violence of Palestinian women by Palestinian men, even climate change is blamed on Israel. UNESCO, a UN entity, has even declared the Western Wall a Muslim holy site. This obsession of hate is endemic in this world organization. But it continues and will continue to grow unless the West puts an end to it. Sadly, this does not seem to be the policy of UNESCO, the UN, or the US. Thus tacitly the West gives further validity to Jew hatred.

One of the most inspiring people at the CUFI Summit was Jessica Marzucco, Director of Education of CUFI On Campus, which has a nationwide membership of between 4000 and 6000 students. CUFI fights antisemitism and BDS on 165+ college campuses nationwide. Marzucco’s career started in her freshman year in 2009 at Regent University when she saw a brochure about a trip to Israel sponsored by CUFI. She went to Israel and was enthralled by the experience. In 2010 she attended the first CUFI Summit in Washington and became an active member of CUFI On Campus. Ms. Marzucco now runs the Bonhoeffer Fellowship, a yearly course on organizing branches of CUFI On Campus., and as part of the course, holds an intensive seminar in San Antonio for all participants. The course involves implementing initiatives on hot topic issues, and advocacy training. According to Ms. Marzucco, the younger millennial generation is asking hard questions about “right” and “wrong,” contrary to their media depiction as shallow pre-adults with a relativistic, mind- numbing view of morality. In actuality, they really have a hunger for the truth. Because the case for Israel is the case of “good vs. evil” and “right vs. not right,” the true story of Israel and BDS must be presented in that light.

However, since an overwhelmingly anti-Israel story is continually being promoted by the media, by Muslim student organizations, anti-Israel, antisemitic groups, many faculty members, and by mainstream churches (Presbyterian Church USA, United Church of Christ, The Quakers, et. al.), the challenge is daunting. And since Muslim and anti-Israel leftwing groups use strategies of breaking up meetings with shouting (similar to the modus operandi of Communist Party members in the 1930s), they intimidate and prevent the presentation of pro-Israel views to groups on campus. Their strategy of shutting down any pro-Israel points of view has been successful because of their terrorizing of students as well as the fact that in many instances college administrators ignore the incidents, rarely punishing the Muslim students/professional agitators —or if they do, it is a minor punishment— never suspension or expulsion from the college. The wink, wink attitude of colleges toward the terroristic activity directed at Jewish students presents a great challenge. As Ms. Marzucco states, “Whoever gets there first (in presenting their case) wins.” Justice motivates millenials more than anything else, and presenting the case for Israel must be couched in this concept. Ms. Marzucco also said that occasionally CUFI On Campus works with the Jewish groups STAND WITH US and HILLEL in combatting antisemitism on college campuses. CUFI On Campus gives Jewish groups the courage to fight back against the onslaught of Jew hatred that has now become commonplace at many colleges. CUFI On Campus was created by Pastor John Hagee in response to the plight of Jewish students on college campuses who were being constantly attacked, vilified and demonized for their support of Israel: he didn’t want them to be alone, without friends and supporters. CUFI On Campus is a tribute to CUFI for its heartfelt love of Israel and the Jewish People, especially now in their time of greatest need. Clearly CUFI On Campus, next to CUFI’s moral and political support, is essential. A very sobering recent study has shown that while two thirds of Americans support Israel versus the Palestinians, college students have the opposite view, with two thirds of them having a negative view of Israel in regard to the Palestinians. This shows what hate disguised as religion, academic freedom, and political terrorism can do. Today’s students will soon be our leaders. Changing their views and opinions is mandatory. Such a task is formidable, but with people like Jessica Marzucco, truth and justice will overcome the lies against Israel.

On August 1, I gave a presentation on Antisemitism Then and Now at NewCaje —the largest Jewish educators conference in North America— at North Central College in Naperville, Illinois. For the past 4 years ALDEN FILMS has been distributing the DVD lectures of the Vidal Sassoon International Center For The Study of Antisemitism at The Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Last year ALDEN published the first ever media catalogue on Antisemitism. Although I have often been a presenter, showing films to educators and librarians along with a talk, this was my first time as a presenter without the aid of a film. Instead, I used Prezi (similar to powerpoint) along with participation of the attendees for my 90 minute workshop.

One of the attendees had recently been a delegate at the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia. Her comments were electrifying as she described the rampant antisemitism at the convention: Palestinian flags; the burning of Israel’s flag; Bernie Sanders’ supporters blaming Jews for much of the misfortune in the world, along with the elevation of anti-Israel delegates (Cornell West, et al) to the foreign policy platform committee. She was understandingly shocked and felt betrayed as a loyal Democrat, Jew and American. Her comments and those of the others pleased me as to my presentation’s effectiveness, but also saddened me as to the inroads that Antisemitism has made in our country. It is not just BDS alone that we’re fighting: It’s our right and responsibility as Jews, Americans and lovers of Israel to stand up to the challenge of combatting Jew hatred in all its guises wherever we find it.

There can no longer be any sacred cows that we dare not criticize. Coincidentally, during the conference it was revealed that the US sent cash (ransom) to Iran, to free Americans there and to insure the Nuclear deal with Iran (Wall Street Journal August 3).

Hopefully there are no longer illusions about the Iran deal which absolves Iran of terrorism and permits them to build and use nuclear bombs, or illusions about the attitude of most countries (including the US) toward Israel, countries that negotiated this heinous agreement.

To further ALDEN’s mission to speak out about Antisemitism by providing workshops to the public and educators, please contact us at or call 732-462-3522.


  • Replacement Theology is the doctrine that after Christ the Jews no longer have a place in history.
  • During and leading up the Holocaust, the Church was silent about the plight of the Jews.



In the 19th Century, when many prominent Jews in Germany converted to Christianity, Heinrich Heine’s famous quotation, “Baptism as a passport to European Culture” (1) often became the principal reason for crossing over from Jewish identity to become a member of the Church, whether Catholic or Protestant. This phenomenon — although not as large as commonly thought (2) — convulsed much of German Jewry, because leading Jews and families such as Moses Mendelssohn’s children, Eduard Gans, the founder of Wissenschaft Des Judentums (The Scientific Study of Judaism), Karl Marx, Gustav Mahler, Arnold Schoenberg, Fritz Haber and many others, converted. Even liberal German philosophers such as Theodor Mommsen called for the dissolution of Judaism. The trend of selective conversion of Jews to Christianity spread throughout Europe up until the Holocaust. Similar to the conversos of 16th and 17th century Portugal and Spain, these Jewish converts never completely lost the enmity of their fellow Christians, and they continuingly had to prove their fidelity to Christianity by eating pig, celebrating Christian holidays and constantly excoriating Jews and Judaism. In the 19tth and early 20th Century in Germany and Europe, Jews who became Protestants or Catholics were never truly accepted as Christians, and again constantly have had to affirm their new religion by criticizing Jews and Judaism (3).

Today a more insidious but similar phenomenon (without the need for conversion) has arisen among Jews who desire to enter or be a part of the elite culture of America and Europe: the denunciation of Israel and Judaism while at the same time still maintaining a curious stridency of Jewish identity (4). Similar to prominent 19th century German Jewish converts, many of these same “self-hating” Jews (5) include writers, scientists, artists, academics and entertainers (6). The similarity between the conversos, (the 19th century German converts), and today’s “Jewish” enemies of Israel, Zionism and Judaism, is striking. This new version of conversos have embraced the BDS movement. They share a hatred of Judaism, Zionism and Israel. They embrace left wing ideologies except in their defense of Islamic regimes and Islamic practices such as mutilation of women, honor killings, suicide bombers, killers of Jews and Iran’s building of an A bomb, as well as a hatred of the United States (7). The Jews who have joined this new elite — with its terrible entrance requirements — are part of a death spiral of Jewish life in America and Europe. Unlike the conversos of Spain and Portugal, they have gladly imbibed the bitterness of self-hatred (8). Their extremism evinces a last gasp of a civilization based on left wing secular beliefs. They have even compared the Holocaust and modern Antisemitism as being the fault of the Jews (9) or have created a moral equivalence between the murder of European Jewry with AIDS, the Naqba, (Arab response to the establishment of Israel), Black Lives Matter, Global Warming, Universal Health Care, Environmentalism, Animal rights (except in the case of Islam), Feminism (also, except in the case of Islam), LGBT rights (again, except in the case of Islam), and other left wing ideologies. These are Jews without Judaism, without Israel, without a future. Like a neurotic Freudian repetition compulsion, these “Jews” perform their mantras of self-hatred without end. To the non-Jew, these people appear to be crazed, weird, obsessed, and angry at themselves for being Jews. When the non-Jew supports BDS and other anti-Israel movements, it’s always because of antisemitism. Israel is a perfect substitute for Jew hatred, without the vulgarity of labeling their hatred as the traditional antisemitism.

As Europe is emptying out of Jews, sadly many American Jews are following in their footsteps by intermarriage, lack of affiliation, and most significantly, a lack of appreciation of Jewish identity. What is to be done? These Jews, in name only, are constantly in need of an audience. To anti-Israel groups, they are a convenient defense by claiming that they are not antisemitic. But to Jewish groups, they are a reminder of 2000 years of Jewish life in the diaspora with Jewish self-hatred being, unfortunately, a by-product of diaspora life. Jews from Pablo Christiani (10) to Noam Chomsky are found in every age. They are part of the pathology that has sadly accompanied the Jewish saga.

(1) Heinrich Heine continues, “I am hated alike by Jew and Christian . . .
I regret very deeply that I had myself baptized. I do not see that I
have been the better for it since. On the contrary, I have known
nothing but misfortunes and mischances . . .” (Jan. 9, 1826)
(2) Jews, God and History, Max Dimont, 1962
(3) Karl Marx, “On the Jews”
(4) Moment Magazine, The Forward, and Tikkun have become platforms for
these “Jews” to proclaim their Jewish identity while trashing Israel,
Judaism and Jewish history.
(5) Tony Kushner, Tom Friedman, Noam Chomsky, Judith Butler,
and others identify themselves as Jews while at the same time
attacking Israel, Zionism and Judaism.
(6) Scientists such as Edward Whitten and many of the Hollywood
elite (writers such as Jonathan Franzen and Adrienne Rich, and others
of the Jewish intelligentsia).
(7) Many Jews are in the forefront of supporting Iran as well as
defending Islam (Tom Friedman, Roger Cohen, Paul Krugman,
Peter Beinart)
(8) The Pew Study of Jewish life in America, 2013
(9) Esau’s Tears, Albert S. Lindemann; The Savage In Judaism,
Howard Eilberg-Schwartz; Homicide in the Biblical World, Pamela
Barmash; The Invention of the Jewish Peopl,e, Shlomo Sand; The
Seventh Million, Tom Segev; When The Facts Change, Tony Judt;
The Holocaust Industry, Norman Finkelstein
(10) The Disputation, Alden Films

ALDEN FILMS BLOG December 2016

Hanukkah is the holiday of freedom, both religious and national. It is based on the fight against the Seleucid Greeks of Assyria (Antiochus) and its attack on Judaism, specifically the polluting of The Temple of Jerusalem by putting up a statue of Zeus, the ban on circumcision as well as the quest for political independence of Israel. This was the beginning of the revolts/wars against the regional and world powers of the time (167-166 B.C.E. ). Judah Maccabee defeated the Seleucid Greeks and established a monarchy; the revolt against Rome in 60 C.E., and finally the Bar Kochba revolt against Rome in 132 C.E. After this final revolt Rome renamed Israel Palestine, and Jerusalem was renamed Aelia Capitolina, in a strategy to destroy Jewish nationalism and Judaism. Hanukkah today has been elevated in observance (because of its proximity to Christmas and New Years Day) as an important holiday to the Jewish People as well as to the non-Jewish world. Much of this new found notoriety has been due to a concentration on the frivolous nature of Hanukkah: spinning the dreidel, singing songs such as “I have a little dreidel,” eating latkes and giving out Hanukkah gelt or gifts to friends and family.

But in the world of today, with Israel besieged by murderous attacks on Jews by Arabs; the BDS(1) movement gaining worldwide momentum in its demoniziation of Israel and the Jews; Iran’s assured development of an A bomb; ISIS, Hamas, Al Qaida as well as other threats against Israel, particularly of Jews in Europe, and most distressing of all, the negative change of attitude of countries and groups to Israel—Hanukkah bears a much greater relevance. Hanukkah, although a minor holiday not mentioned in the Torah, has a much deeper meaning. It was the first exercise of Jewish power in a modern sense—fighting for the freedom of the Jewish people in Israel (2). To many Jews, the prospect and use of Jewish power is frightening and an impossible undertaking. How can 14 million Jews, of which 6 million live in Israel, vie with the rest of the world and its 7 billion people? Isn’t it better to remain with a low profile, being pliable and subservient rather than supporting Israel, the Jewish People and Judaism? As the late great screenwriter Ben Hecht remarked to an audience supporting the establishment of Israel in 1947, “I shall speak to it tonight as well as I can. The soul of the Jew is an ancient and complicated business. It has been trained by disaster and calumny to live in caution, to hide itself cozily behind good deeds, to overlook insults, to charm its enemies, and to avoid getting its enemies angrier than they are. Thus hidden, thus full of cunning modesties and suicidal graces, it has remained nevertheless a brave soul—when destinies other than its own are at stake. It has fought and died valorously in defense of every cause but its own. Yes, it has the courage to fight and die for others. But it has hardly the guts even to speak in its own behalf. I know this soul of the Jew because I am part of it.”

Thus today, to many Jews in the US, the most pressing issues are Global Warming, Black Lives Matter, Feminism, Universal Health Care, LGBT rights, the Environment, Islamophobia, et al.,; and not the survival of the Jewish State, Israel. Jewish self-determination and power is a new concept for most Jews in the diaspora. It is a foreign idea that Jews have no experience in. Added to this is a supposedly moral leadership which continues to fight for causes and other battles, but not their own. This is obviously a sign of cowardice disguising itself as high-mindedness, as though this attitude will ameliorate the hatred of their enemies and not show the parochialism of the Jew. History has shown that Jewish indifference— to Israel, Jewish causes, or Jews— will not lessen Jew hatred. In fact it will encourage even more antisemitism (3). The true moral leadership of the Jews, particularly on Hanukkah, should pertain to the basics of Judaism: Deuteronomy 5:1-22 (The Ten Commandments); Leviticus 19:18 (The Golden Rule); Genesis 12:7; Genesis 13:15; Isaiah 60:21; Jeremiah 11:5; Jeremiah 30:3; Ezekiel 11:7; Amos 9:15; The Land of Israel is given by G-d to the Jewish People, Exodus 23:9; You shall not oppress the stranger, Deuteronomy 16:18; You shall appoint Judges, and they shall judge the people fairly (4).

To quote Eric Hoffer, the longshoreman philosopher of the sixties,

The Jews are alone in the world. If Israel survives, it will be solely because of Jewish efforts, and Jewish resources. Yet at this moment Israel is our only reliable and unconditional ally. We can rely more on Israel than Israel can rely on us. . . . (It is up to us) to realize how vital the survival of Israel is to America and the West. I have a premonition that will not leave me; as it goes with Israel so will it go with all of us. Should Israel perish the holocaust will be upon us.”(5)

We must be strong in our affirmation of support for Israel in these troubled times. To paraphrase Andrew Jackson, “A person in the right is a majority of one.”
(1) BDS–boycott, divesting, and sanctions is a worldwide movement against Israel involving mainstream churches, academia, NGO’s, the European Union, the elites of Europe and others.
(2) Ruth Wisse, Jews and Power, 2007 Encounter Books, New York
(3) Before there was an Israel, Jews were attacked for controlling the media, the banks and the land (Charles Lindbergh, America First, and Protocols of the Elders of Zion
(4) From a letter of John Adams the second President of the US “I will insist the Hebrews (Jews) have contributed more to civilize men than any other nation. . . . They are the most glorious nation that ever inhabited this Earth. . . have influenced the affairs of mankind more and more happily than any other nation, ancient or modern.”
(5) Eric Hoffer 1968

ALDEN FILMS BLOG November, 2015


In the 100 year old war of Arabs against Jews in Israel (1), a[i] new strategy of stabbing Jews, driving vehicles into crowds of Jews, Arabs disguising themselves as religious Jews to enter synagogues to kill, or other venues to vent their murderous hate, has recently engulfed Israel.

These events conveniently followed the recent UN session where Prime Minister Netanyahu spoke to a mostly empty chamber (with US delegates conspicuously absent). Today Western European countries have all but written Israel off as a viable state; university faculties in Europe and increasingly in the US have continually attacked, demonized and delegitimized Israel, Zionism, Jewish history and Judaism; and the media in Europe gloats over the murder of Jews by Arab terrorists, but defends, mitigates and explains the motives of their murderers as understandable. Further, “high-minded” clergy of mainstream churches have embraced the delegitimization of Israel, and the Catholic Church has recognized “Palestine” (2) —a non-state community of hate. Out of this maelstrom, Jews now feel alone in the worldwide resurgence of Antisemitism.

In a sense the Arabs are recreating the political theater of the 1960s, preening at the cameras during their killing sprees. While Arab supporters and abettors shout out and intimidate Jews at college campuses, even in the New York City Council the Arabs feel emboldened by the near universal backing which feasts on more innovative and theatrical methods of murder.

But the question again is Why? Why this murderous hate? Why this worldwide condemnation? Why the celebration of Iran’s eventually attaining and producing an A bomb or even a thermonuclear weapon to be used specifically to kill “another six million” Jews in Israel, as they proudly declare. And finally is the Why of the current resurgence of Antisemitism.

Before 1948, Jews were an object of history —with no power, no influence— subject to expulsions, pogroms, massacres, and finally to the Holocaust. But with the establishment of the State of Israel, Jews again entered the realm of history as a subject for the first time since their revolt against Rome in 132 (3). This historic event presaged a new axial age with an implicit threat to the two world religions. To wit, if Israel has revived after 2,000 years (Zechariah) (4), then is the Church the new Israel? If the Jews return to Israel (and in 1967 to Jerusalem), is Islam a false religion? (5) These religious questions, while not publicized by Jews, Jewish leaders or Rabbis, have affected the theologies of Christianity and Islam. The Holocaust produced a spiritual crisis in Christianity after the Second World War, particularly in Europe. How could the home of Catholicism and The Protestant Church with all its denominations produce the Holocaust where Jews were being murdered while the clergy and the Church ignored, minimized, relativized, and even applauded the killing of Jews? Even after the War, the German Lutheran Church declared that the Holocaust was punishment of the Jews for killing Jesus; and the Polish Catholic Church and other Eastern European Church leaders explained that the murder of Jews was “Because of the Jewish support of the Soviet Union.”

These excuses gradually caused such a moral revulsion that they became more muted, but never completely silenced (6). Religious observance in Europe has waned, reaching a miniscule number of less than 10% of the population regularly attending church, leading to a significant diminution of the church’s moral influence. In Islam, the emergence of the Jewish State, the decline of the Ottoman Empire, the elimination of the Caliphate, and finally the near total subjugation of Islamic lands by the West, produced a crisis of faith unparalleled in their history. Since Christianity as a world religion was born in Europe and constituted Christendom (7), its replacement by an increasingly secular society and culture still had the underpinnings of Christian belief and prejudices — especially about the Jews. Openly attacking Jews was looked down upon, especially after the Holocaust, so a replacement had to be found. Conveniently, here it was: Israel the Jewish State. For Islam, for the Arabs, all the indignities of colonialism by the West, their backward civilization, their lack of progress (8), their corrupt society, honor killings and mutilations of women, Israel and the West became the target of their frustrations and anger. Not feeling the moral sting of the Holocaust, the Arab/Islamic world imported all the European lies about the Jews: Christ killer (even though The Koran itself disputes that the Jews killed Jesus); The Blood Libel; The Protocols of the Elders of Zion; Jews are the Devil; Jews are monkeys, Jews are pigs; the Holocaust didn’t happen at all, etc. This hatred has built upon itself to inflame a ready audience of killers, producing suicide bombers, terrorists (9/11, et al), and Arab intellectuals who blame all the woes of Islam and the Arabs on the Jews.

Finally, all the recent archaeological discoveries in Israel dating back to the Dead Sea Scrolls and most recently the Ossuary at Talpiot (9) have confirmed the verisimilitude of the Bible. Perhaps the reemergence of Israel and the Jewish People, along with these discoveries, have produced a fear of the EndTimes. It has also upended the whole corpus of Western Philosophy ­­– St. Anselm, Thomas Aquinas, Kant, Hegel, Schopenhauer, Nietzsche, Voltaire, Heidegger and Foucault with their antisemitic and secular underpinnings. If the Bible is right, then their philosophies are wrong. If the Bible is right, then the Jews are truly The Light Unto The Nations. If the Bible is right, then the Jews are The Chosen People (the Am Segulah). If the Bible is right, then the Noahide Seven Commandments (10) should be the Law of Mankind. If the Bible is right, then we are truly at the birth of the EndTimes. In the words of Habakkuk, Though it (The Messiah) may tarry, wait for it; because it will surely come, it will not delay. These are truly revolutionary times.


(1) The 1929 Arab riots in Palestine organized and orchestrated by the Grand Mufti killed hundreds of Jews as British soldiers stood idly by. There were also earlier unorganized attacks on Jews by Arabs under the Ottoman Empire.

(2) In August the Roman Catholic Church gave full diplomatic recognition to Palestine even though it is a non-state and has never in history been a nation. The Pope called Mahmoud Abbas, the head of the Palestinian Authority, a saintly man and a man of peace. This is curious, considering that Abbas, a former terrorist (Abu Mazen), wrote his doctoral thesis and published the book The Other Side: The Secret Relationship Between Nazism and Zionism. Abbas recently said, “We welcome every drop of blood spilled in Jerusalem.”

(3) The Bar Kochba Revolt of 132-135 against the Roman Empire.

(4) Zechariah 5:6­­–6:3 “They (The Jews) will return on the Third Day” (after 2000 years)

(5) The Koran unalterably opposes the Jews being in Israel and Jerusalem. They have put mosques on all Holy Jewish places, on the graves of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, the grave of Joseph, and The Holy Temple.

(6) Franklin Littell, Chief Protestant Religious advisor in the High Command in Post-War Germany.

(7) Christendom: the political, religious and cultural world of Europe from the Middle Ages up until the 20th Century.

(8) The entire Islamic Middle East without its natural resources —oil and natural gas— has a GDP less than Finland (Arab Human Development Report 2009): Challenges to Human Security in the Arab Countries; United Nations Development Programme.

(9) The Talpiot Garden Tomb most probably contains the ossuary of Jesus, Mary Magdalene and a child. The Jesus Discovery, Professor James D. Tabor and Simcha Jacobovici, 2012, Simon and Schuster, New York.

(10) The Noahide Seven Commandments:

  1. Do not murder.
  2. Do not steal.
  3. Do not worship false gods.
  4. Do not be sexually immoral.
  5. Do not eat a limb removed from a live animal.
  6. Do not curse God.
  7. Set up courts and bring offenders to justice.




I spent my 70th birthday this year in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam, where I visited my son, Ed — who has been living there for almost four years. We toured Vietnam, with a side trip to Cambodia, and to mark my special day, Ed gave me a surprise birthday party. I didn’t count the number of lit candles on my cake, but there was quite a blaze!

Seventy is a particularly special year for Jews: Psalm 90:10 notes that “The span of our life is seventy years.” In Numbers (Bamidbar) 11:16, G-d says to Moses, “Gather for me seventy of Israel’s elders and officers of the People, and bring them to the Tent of Meeting (the Mishkan); The captivity of Jews in Babylon lasted seventy years, and seventy sages translated the Torah into Greek (The Septuagint) for Ptolemy II (Greek King of Egypt), in 132 B.C.E.

There is a famous Aggadah (saying) in The Ethics of the Fathers (Pirke Avot) by Rabbi Tarfon: “It is not your responsibility to finish the work, but you are not free to desist from it either.” Thus I begin this blog, because I feel that it is my responsibility.

Seventy years ago Christians such as Pastor John Grauel* and Pier Van Passen** supported Israel as individual clergymen. However, there was no organized group of Christians that supported Israel. In contrast, today the largest pro-Israel group, Christians United For Israel (CUFI), has a membership of more than 2.2 million people.

Founded in 2006, CUFI has become the largest pro-Israel organization in the world. It has created an almost millennial occurrence in world history, with its pro-Israel, pro-Jewish stance — all from a religious Christian standpoint. This is the first time in history that the primary supporters of Jews and Israel are not Jews. This is a miraculous event.

CUFI holds its annual conference in Washington, DC, with attendance and presentations by distinguished Christian and Jewish leaders, political commentators of the first rank, and members of Congress. This year marks the tenth annual conference of CUFI. The following are notes I took during this powerful and spiritually uplifting conference.

Pastor John Hagee, Founder and National Chairman of CUFI, began the summit by discussing the Iran deal, which if passed will free up 150 billion dollars of currently frozen funds, for use by terrorists. Hamas and Hezbollah are the first two divisions of the Iran army. This is the time to have a Bonhoeffer*** moment for Christians. Israel has the right to exist, the right to secure borders, and the right to self-defense.

David Brog, Executive Director of CUFI, pointed out the absolute cynicism of the administration’s support of Iran. Pastor Hagee ended his address by quoting Winston Churchill, who stated in 1938 after Munich, “You have the choice between Dishonor and War. You have chosen Dishonor but you will have War. Bishop Keith Butler, an overseer of hundreds of black churches, spoke up for Israel. Pastor George Morrison of Denver gave an inspiring speech, quoting Isaiah 52:8, about the Watchmen for Israel.

Today CUFI is the Watchman. The Church must work on God’s agenda to protect Israel. Pastor Mac Hammond said that collectively Christians can make a difference for Israel. “This is not just a mark of the flesh. This is about the family tree of God, bringing God’s purpose for mankind.”

CUFI is the first centerpiece of this Family Tree of God. Michael Little, President of Christian Broadcasting Network, described CUFI as an orchestra/symphony, which uses its unity of purpose in its support of Israel.

Dr. Massad Barhoum, Director the Western Galilee Medical Center, spoke about the fact that as an Arab Christian he is fortunate to live in Israel. The hospital has saved over 600 Syrian casualties of the Syrian civil war. And who are these wounded? Most are enemies of Israel, but we must welcome and aid the stranger. “We are not treating the enemy, we are treating a human being.” This is a story of Israel that eludes the mainstream media, particularly The New York Times, NPR and MSNBC.

Major Elliot Chodoff of the IDF spoke about the 50 Jihadi groups fighting in Syria. He explained that Hezbollah has more than 100,000 missiles aimed at Israel, and is getting valuable combat experience in Syria. Iran is supporting both Shiite and Sunni organizations. There needs to be an active response to Iran.

There are many books on politics, but there is only one book to follow, The Bible, which states that during the Exodus the Jews followed “The Pillar of Smoke during the day and during the night they followed the Pillar of Fire.” But at the crossing of the Red Sea the Pillar of Smoke and the Pillar of Fire were both behind them. (One can infer from this statement that people and nations need to choose the righteous path.)

Pastor Steven Khoury of the Calvary Baptist Church in Jerusalem spoke about Arab Christians omitting the Old Testament in their learning. Israel today is based on the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob of the Past, Present and Future.

Lynn Hammond, head of Daughters of Zion, which began with 500 members and now has 20,000 members, spoke briefly about her organization.

Mike Huckabee, former Governor of Arkansas and now running for President, spoke to the Press about his candidacy. He pointed out that “The Iranian deal is a bad deal.” Most Europeans have ignored the plight of the Christians in the Middle East. Most important, the President of Egypt has been at the forefront in speaking out about the plight of Christians. Mike Huckabee first went to Israel in 1973, and has gone many more times and has seen positive changes. The borders of Israel given to the Jewish people in the Book of Numbers should be the natural borders of Israel.

Pastor Hagee announced that over 5,000 people are attending this Summit.

Candidates Forum with Bret Stephens

The Summit proceeded with the Candidates for President Forum, chaired by Bret Stephens, Associate Editor of the Editorial Page of the Wall Street Journal and former Editor of The Jerusalem Post. He interviewed the following people: Mike Huckabee, former governor of Arkansas; Lindsey Graham, Republican senator from South Carolina; Rick Santorum, former Republican senator from Pennsylvania; George Pataki, former governor of New York; Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida; Ted Cruz, Republican senator from Texas;

Brett Stephens: Why should America care about the Middle East now that we are energy free?

Mike Huckabee: The Middle East and Israel are extremely important to Christians and the U.S. The U.S. should export its energy resources to the rest of the world to change the power structure of the Middle East.

Stephens: For 22 years the U.S. has been pursuing a peace treaty between Israel and the Palestinians.

Huckabee: We should end this policy

Stephens: President Obama said that he is the best friend that Israel has ever had.

Huckabee: He is the most anti-Israel President in the history of the presidency.

Stephens: The “Freedom Agenda” has been at the forefront of U.S. policy. What should the U.S. policy to the Arab World be?

Huckabee: The U.S. cannot export our form of government to the rest of the world. The U.S. military should not be used to fight these battles.

Stephens: What are the options against the deal with Iran?

Graham: We need 13 democratic senators to stop the agreement.

Stephens: Is war an option against Iran?

Graham: We’re going to live in a dangerous time as long as Barak Obama is President.

Stephens: We have autocratic partners in the Middle East (Jordan, Egypt, Saudi Arabia). Should we continue to support these countries?

Graham: Radical Islam must be destroyed.

Stephens: What should we do with Assad in Syria?

Santorum: We should have supported the pro-democracy group in Syria.

Stephens: What is the Middle East policy of a Santorum administration?

Santorum: We must identify who the enemy is. We must stand by our friends.(Israel).

Stephens: What should our policy toward the Palestinians be?

Santorum: We should support Israel in their negotiations.

Stephens: You were governor on 9/11. What lessons did you learn?

Pataki: We learned that Radical Islam is a threat to the U.S.

Stephens: If we get the deal, and you are the president, what do you do?

Pataki: Action must be taken. BDS (Boycott Delegitimization Sanctions) is an antisemitic movement.

Stephens: What is our special alliance with Israel?

Bush: It’s a source of stability in the Middle East, our Judeo-Christian heritage.

Stephens: What about the Oslo Peace Process?

Bush: Until there is stability, there is no chance of a treaty.

Stephens: What is your view of the settlements in the West Bank?

Bush: They should continue to build settlements in areas where settlements already exist.

Stephens: Is there any deal that would prevent Iran from reaching their nuclear goals?

Bush: This deal will legitimize Iran and destabilize the Middle East.

Stephens: Is the only alternative war?

Bush: There is a middle way. Sanctions would have had a devastating impact on Iran.

Stephens: What about the Oslo Peace Process? Should the U.S. continue to pursue a two-state solution?

Cruz: This is a decision for Israel to make. There has been arrogance in this administration toward Israel.

Stephens: Is there any kind of deal that could work with Iran?

Cruz: The single greatest danger to Israel today is Al Quds Day, Jew hatred day in Iran, where Iranians celebrate the destruction of Israel and the U.S.

This deal guarantees war. “The Obama administration advisor proudly calls this agreement ‘The Obamacare of Foreign Policy.’”

The Middle East Briefing

Israel is a sea of freedom in a region of repression. The forces of militant Islam are converging on the Middle East. The paramount issue today is preventing a nuclear Iran.

  1. Tzur Goldin – His brother was kidnapped and murdered in an ambush by Hamas after Hamas accepted a ceasefire.

Gary Bauer introduces Bret Stephens

Bret Stephens – clarified three issues:

1). Satirical Magazine – Charlie Hebdo: 10 of its employees were murdered by Muslims. The debate is why do they hate us? Answer: We are hated because of our support of Israel. The other view is that we are hated because of our civilization. Irreverence is a right. ­­After the assault in Paris, we should settle that question once and for all. This is a clash of civilizations.

2). Elections in Israel: We ought to respect the results of elections. The Obama administration fabricated a lie against Israel after the election.

3). Iran: There’s going to be a deal. How to respond to it? The Obama administration argues that new leadership will be more liberal. Prove to us that the new regime will be more liberal.

Transactional argument: An agreement of mutual convenience. A transaction needs some sort of trust. Iran has been caught cheating even during negotiations. This deal is the ultimate hostage situation (Iran doing our bidding against ISIS).

Obama says that this is the best deal. But a regime that will stone a woman to death should not have nuclear weapons.

Dr. Yoram Hazony, President, Herzl Institute:

There is a long history of Christian support for the reestablishment of the Jewish state in the Holy Land: Lord Palmerston in 1840; David Lloyd George, 1903; Arthur Balfour, 1917, and Woodrow Wilson, 1919.

The Christian friends of Israel have Israel’s back. This is Israel’s strategic depth. In the Church today, many mainstream Christian Churches are questioning the Old Testament as not being politically correct. From this stance it’s a small step to being anti-Israel and supporting BDS.

Malcolm Hoenlein, Executive Vice Chairman, Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations:

CUFI is the best of America. I hate the term “It is what it is.” It should be “It is what you make of it.” We need to be rooted in our Bible. The miracle of the ingathering of Jews to Israel is predicted in the Bible. Jerusalem est perdit (Jerusalem is no more), has been changed to Jerusalem is reunited, in spite of UNESCO resolutions.

Erick Stakelbeck, CBN correspondent, host and analyst:

This is literally life and death. Everything CUFI has worked against in the past ten years (a nuclear Iran) has come to a forefront (Iran and ISIS).

Here in America it does affect us. ISIS now has 36,000 square miles (with 8 million people) in Syria and Iraq. The FBI has disclosed that in all 50 states we have a network of ISIS supporters and members. The strategy of ISIS is to turn America into a battleground of guerilla warfare.

The Iran deal is an abomination. Iran has now become our ally against ISIS. Iran is also developing ICBMs. ICBMs are a threat to the United States.

Re Israel: Everything good (Israel) is considered evil.

Re Iran: Everything evil (Iran) is considered good.

Rely on God’s promises. “I believe in the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob.

Pastors Roundtable:

Pastor Jay Bailey: Georgia has 1000 members in the Solid Rock Congregation.

Dr. Fernando Cabrera (Bronx, N.Y.) has worked to counteract antisemitic feeling in the Latino community. New York has legislation under review to have police protection in all religious institutions. New York City has almost 7,000 churches.

Pastor Baily: You feel that everything is unraveling.

Pastor Lyndon is CUFI head of region.

Cabrera: I was shocked at a protest against a resolution for a remembrance of Auschwitz in the New York City Council. This reflects an anti-Israel attitude that has invaded the U.S.

Pastor Bailey sees a great increase in antisemitism on college campuses.

Pastor Lyndon sees BDS as antisemitic. He quotes Abraham Lincoln: “What’s taught in the classrooms is later quoted in the halls of Congress.”

Pope Francis is doing an end run around Benjamin Netanyahu. There seems to be a change in the Vatican’s attitude to Israel, and possibly to Jews.

Pastors have to communicate truth unequivocally about the prophetic nature of Israel. Historically Black colleges invited many European Jewish refugees to join their faculties in the l930s and 1940s.

Blood Moons and Shmittah —How does this affect the attitudes of Christians to Israel?

Pastor Lyndon – These moons fall only on Jewish feast days.



A Night to Honor Israel:


Before the speakers appeared there was a celebration of Israel in a large hall, with music, dancing and the waving of Israeli and American flags. On the wall there is a triptych of Jerusalem in all its glory, the old and the new.

Pastor Hagee welcomed the 6,000 attendees, television audience and distinguished guests. After an inspiring singing of The Star Spangled Banner and Hatikvah, Rabbi Schindler of San Antonio gave a moving invocation. “From the depths of the Holocaust to the restoration of the Jews to the holy land, Israel is the miracle of our time. This 10th Summit is very special. CUFI is the friend of all Jews.”

Rabbi Schindler declared that Pastor Hagee has brought Light instead of Darkness to humanity.”

Pastor George Morrison of Faith Bible Chapel of Lakewood, Colorado introduced a musical interlude praising Israel.

Pastor Happy Caldwell of Little Rock, Arkansas introduced Pastor John Hagee.

Pastor Hagee began by describing how CUFI was started. In 2006, he invited 400 Evangelical leaders to a meeting at the Cornerstone Church in San Antonio. Today CUFI has a permanent representative, Gary Bauer, in Washington, DC. CUFI now has an office in the United Kingdom as well.

“Israel will prevail.” The UN is the new Tower of Babel. “Boycotting Israel is about antisemitism.” CUFI will press legislation to boycott the boycotters (BDS supporters) by states. The CUFI ActionN Fund speaks the truth about Israel every day in Washington, DC. Illinois and South Carolina have already passed anti-BDS legislation.

Pastor Mac Hammond introduced Dennis Prager:

“There is so much evil in the world. Evil is normal, being good is abnormal. CUFI is like an island of goodness. Every Jew of my generation wonders when meeting a Gentile, Would he hide me if there was a new Holocaust?”

“The Pope gives an encyclical on carbon emissions while Christians are being killed in the Middle East. The Pope accepts a crucifix made from a hammer and sickle from the dictator of Bolivia. Under the Hammer and Sickle/Communism over 100 million human beings were murdered. The Pope recognizes Palestine; CUFI is really Christians United for Christians. You are also Christians United for America. Those who love God hate evil.”

Pastor Lyndon from Nashville, TN introduced David Brog:

“The BDS movement is antisemitic. The freest Muslims and Christians in the Middle East are the Muslims and Christians of Israel. The college campus is the most hostile place for Israel in America. God Bless You, CUFI on campus. There are now 140 CUFI chapters on college campuses.

Yvonnette Lewis, chapter chairperson at The University of Georgia gave a rousing talk about CUFI and its impact on campuses.

Bishop Keith Butler stated that CUFI was created for this time, like Queen Esther.

Michael Little, President of CBN introduced Ambassador Ron Dermer.

“Thank you, Pastor Hagee and CUFI. Thank you CUFI on Campus. Today Israel needs its Christian friends more than ever. The Iran deal will lead to more terror. It will further nuclear proliferation in the Middle East. It is prophetic that this Summit is taking place during the three-week mourning period leading up to Tish B’Av. In Ecclesiastes, this is the time to speak up.”

Pastor Hagee introduced Pastor Charles Stanley.

“CUFI continues to affirm Israel’s right to exist.”

A VIEW FROM THE HILL (Members of Congress):

David Brog introduced members of Congress. “There’s Peace In Our Time” (Neville Chamberlain’s statement after ceding Czechoslovakia to Nazi Germany in 1938 at Munich.) Prime Minister Netanyahu has said this deal is an historic mistake.”

Senator Tom Cotton (Republican of Arkansas):

“I stand against BDS and the delegitimization of Israel.” Does the agreement stop Iran’s nuclear program? “Dismantling the program must be the policy of this administration. This agreement should be rejected, and sanctions should be restored.’For Zion’s sake, I will not be quiet’” (Isaiah).

Congressman Louie Gohmert (Republican of Texas):

“You den of vipers, you snakes to the UN, the international community, the State Department. In 2010 we supported Israel’s enemies. Obama has betrayed Israel many times.”

Senator John Cornyn (Republican of Texas):

Violence against Jews has increased in recent weeks during Ramadan. Israel is surrounded by enemies. It is not the time to turn our back on Israel. We need 67 votes in the Senate to overturn this agreement. I will never apologize to standing with Israel.”

Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard (Democrat of Hawaii):

“’Aloha’ has a deeper meaning . Alo = to share. The late Senator Daniel Inouye was a great supporter of Israel. Israel named a missile facility after Senator Inouye. Radical Islam is the real enemy.”

Congressman Trent Franks (Republican of Arizona) and member of the Armed Forces Committee:

“Benjamin Netanyahu is the leading voice for freedom in the world. Barak Obama is the leading apologist for Iran.”

Senator Tim Scott (Republican of South Carolina):

Like a revival preacher, Senator Scott roused the audience. He was very funny and made excellent points. Even though he failed English and Spanish in high school, he says he can still read a bad deal. “We are on the side of the Lord.”


Personal meetings with the staff of Senators Menendez and Booker.

I met with the staff of both Senators, and wrote letters to both praising their support of Israel and requesting that they reject the Iran Nuclear Treaty as a mortal threat to Israel and to the Jewish People. I was heartened by the large number of CUFI members I saw in the Senate buildings.


Donors Banquet:


Pastor Mac Hammond introduced Rabbi Shlomo Riskin:

“President Obama has decreed that Iran will be a nuclear power, with the blessings of the international community. We are not alone, because CUFI stands with Israel. One of the greatest miracles of this period is this organization, where Jews and Christians come together, united in their support of Israel.”

Pastor Hagee presented The Defender of Israel Award to Elie Wiesel. Irving Roth accepted the award.

Irving Roth was a bunkmate with Elie Wiesel at Auschwitz. On April 11, 1945, at 3:00 p.m., they were liberated. Two American soldiers. one white, and one black, entered our barracks. This was our first indication that we were free. We had arrived in Auschwitz a year earlier.

“How do you create the Holocaust? The answer is demonization. The first step was a boycott of the Jews. It is now 70 years later and nothing has changed. Nobody cares. Don’t they (The State Department) understand that demonizing Israel is a repeat of the Nazi horrors? CUFI are the Righteous of the world.”

CUFI is a presence on 140 campuses, where they fight BDS. Regional boot camps are held to train students to respond to this movement.

Chelsea Andrews: “I went to Israel and met Syrian patients from the civil war. I also met Israelis and American Jews for the first time, celebrating a Shabbat and traveling around the country. As a student leader I helped pass an anti-BDS amendment at my college.” She is now an aid to Gary Bauer, CUFI’s representative in Washington.

Pastor Hagee has set up a CUFI office in the UK, to fight antisemitism. Des Starrit is the leader. Colonel Richard Kemp of the British Army spoke at CUFI UK. Diane Hagee spoke about supporting CUFI.

David Brog introduced Colonel Richard Kemp of the British Army.

“Orde Wingate taught the Jews of Palestine how to fight. Wingate is buried at Arlington National Cemetery.”

“The one simple reality is that the Palestinians want the destruction of the Jewish State. The Arabs realize that they can’t destroy Israel by military force, so they have begun the greatest smear campaign in the history of the world. Israel is accused by the UN Human Rights Council of committing war crimes in Gaza. But the reality of the conflict is that Hamas intentionally encouraged Arab casualties. The morality of the IDF is that they try to prevent civilian casualties. There is a similarity in Auschwitz and the tunnels of Hamas, in that they both were built to kill Jews.”


This is my second year at the CUFI Summit in Washington, DC. To quote Malcolm Hoenlein, Vice Chairman of The Conference of Major American Jewish Organizations, “CUFI is where I go to reaffirm my belief and love of Israel.” It is especially heartening to see that Israel is no longer the exclusive purview only of the Jewish people. The Christian love and support of Israel points to a new period of history, hopefully a good one.

On the other hand, there are many Christians and Christian denominations which absolutely hate Israel, and present their views clouded in their so- called concern for the Palestinians. They utter the words in Church “Thy Will be done, Thy Kingdom Come.” However, they don’t believe a word of it. If they did, they would be pro-Israel and pro-Jewish, which they’re obviously not. Most mainstream Christian denominations say one thing and do the other. The one thing they all have in common is that in their religion/creed, the Jews and Israel have no place in history anymore. That is why the Pope has recognized Palestine (a non state community of hate designed to kill Jews) instead of Kurdistan, Tibet, the Tamils in Sri Lanka et al; and that is why the United Church of Christ recently embraced BDS.*****

The whole world is now rejoicing in the inevitable building of A bombs, and maybe H bombs by Iran which the Iranians themselves have said repeatedly will be built to destroy Israel.  They have given it their total blessing. Our civilization has also embraced an antagonistic attitude toward the family, toward traditional morality and toward sexual practices. Our leaders no longer believe in Democracy with the recent book by former Supreme Court Justice Stevens calling for the elimination of the First, Second and Fifth Amendments. Our cities and towns are now populated by invaders who want to kill us. Our government refuses to protect us from this current onslaught.

I honestly think that with Israel alone —and it is alone— Judaism and the Jewish people are on trial for their survival once again. Without Israel the Jewish people will wither away. This is Purim updated; but with a difference. The whole world is supporting Haman. This is why I believe that we are entering a whole new branch of history. But in this history millions of devout Christians are on our side for the first time. We should welcome this with open arms, not with suspicion. It is time to realize that the old allies have either passed from the scene or have changed their views towards Israel and the Jewish People. We cannot dwell on the past. 2500 years ago the Persian King Cyrus came to our rescue. Today our new allies are devout Christians who believe fervently in Israel and the Jewish People.

Paul Weinberg


*Reverend John Stanley Grauel was a Methodist Minister and American Christian Zionist leader. He was a crew member of the famed refugee ship the SS Exodus–1947, and a secret Haganah operative.

**Pier Van Paassen was a Unitarian Minister who championed Zionism and spoke about the plight of European Jewry.

***Dietrich Bonhoeffer was a German Lutheran Pastor and a key founding member of the Confessing Church that stood in opposition to the Nazi regime. His most famous quote is “Silence in the face of evil is itself evil–Not to speak is to speak. Not to act is to act.”

****Shmittah is the Seventh Year where the land lies fallow. It is the Sabbath of the Holy Land.

*****These recent events are a return to Replacement Theology, which the early Church Fathers created as an attack on Judaism and on the Jewish People’s place in history.